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(under NDA)


  • 70% reduction in (journaling) task time

  • 90% success rate of service offering amongst early testers

  • + 500 user stories written and organized (by me) into phased releases

  • A loose concept is now a full-fledged app, currently under QA in the app store

Role - Design Leadership: Research, UX, Product Management
Year - 2022

Client - Presence Sleep

Presence is a system that provides actionable tools, expert knowledge, and emotional support to exhausted parents braving the adventure of getting their children to sleep.

For the past year, I acted as the UI/UX lead at Presence Sleep. During this time, and as the company's first design hire, I crafted the company's design strategy and owned the mobile application's end-to-end product development cycle, leading and executing on


User Research: 

  • In-depth interviews with (+8) parents of infants

  • Leveraged co-design methods with experts from the Early Childhood Development Program (Colorado)

  • Designed and Facilitated 3+ collaboration workshops with our larger team for product definition

  • Translated findings into actionable insights

Design Strategy: 

  • Crafted our design strategy, from UX vision to goals and metrics ensuring alignment between design efforts and business objectives 

UI/UX design: 

  • Developed and managed the app's design system on Figma

  • Built storyboards, journey maps and feature flows using Lucid Charts

  • Designed wireframes and early prototypes (on Figma) as well as fully functional, high-fidelity prototypes (on Protopie)

  • Built a responsive sms chatbot, that was deployed as part of a longitudinal study for service design

Product Management: 

  • Designed an onboarding curriculum and personally onboarded our offshore development team (+10 people)

  • Orchestrated app deployment plans in a three-phased release for local and offshore teams (+16 people)

  • Managed both team's work through Jira

  • Oversaw UAT testing 

... and more. 

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