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In spring 2022, a group of students and professors in the Stanford Law School Policy Lab put together an extensive document describing patterns and consequences of gentrification in San Francisco, CA to be presented to the Stanford Law School Policy Lab. 

However, the visuals of this document did not to justice to its content. I was tasked with creative a cohesive visual language to help tell this story. 

Role - Branding, UX, UI 
Year - 2022

Client - Stanford Law School Policy Lab


Storytelling - I believe that when telling a story, visuals and narrative are intrinsically tied. With that, my first challenge was getting up to speed with this topic in order to consult on crafting a compelling narrative

Tech Savvy - this was designed to be a living document; an easily replicable template used by people with limited knowledge of design software. With that, I decided to exclusively use the tools within Google Slides

Richness of Color - When choosing a color palette, my goal was to celebrate the colorful and incredibly rich palettes of Black culture, but keep a low saturation not to deviate from the tone of the topic being discussed

Mood Board

A celebration of African culture in bright blocks of color

Before and After of a Timeline Slide


Maximizing but not suffocating

Left Aligned Titles - in order to maximize space for content within each slide (many slides were quite dense) without overwhelming creating a visual imbalance

Capitalized Subtitles - allowed me to use a smaller font but keep the dramatic effect

Elegant with a Touch of Modern

Vertical Footer - given the audience and topic, I decided to use a vertical footer that would serve both as a quick reference in a long deck as well as a modern twist

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