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Dr Jet Oil is a social media-like app designed to give a voice to the over 6000 oil changing experts (know as VIPS in Ipiranga)  working at the Jet Oil franchises nationwide. 


Dr. Jet Oil


Jet Oil is the oil change franchise within the Ipiranga complex. Ipiranga is Brazil's largest privately owned oil and gas company with over 6500 gas stations across the country.


One of the biggest challenges of operating as a franchise is ensuring the uniformity of every unit while maintaining the wiggle room necessary to adapt to the different cultures that exist within Brazil. 


We want our clients to walk into every Jet Oil and know exactly what to expect: a smooth, uniform and complete service, very different from the dirty and hostile environments common in Brazilian car shops. We want our clients to feel taken care of during the process and rest assured of their safety and car’s health after visiting any one of our franchises. 


When I started working at Ipiranga I realized that there was a lot of time, energy and money being invested in making the clients feel taken care of, but very little resources directed at our oil changing experts, the VIPs. 

There was a huge community - over 6000 people - of men and women with an immense amount of knowledge untapped and overlooked.

This design opportunity inspired us to, over the course of a year, create the Dr. Jet Oil app.

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The process/ Why was this experience valuable:

Developing this app was an ambitious project on its own, but I believe that one of the most challenging parts was promoting the necessary collaboration between teams. Ipiranga, at least during my time there, operated within rigid hierarchical and independent systems. Despite being very verticalized, communication between teams was hard and infrequent. 

In order to lead this development I had to consult with many different areas and facilitate conversations between different teams and our users.


Making people wearing suits and ties change oil for the first time under the guidance of our VIPs was a key moment in this process. It was only through literally being in their shoes that the importance of this initiative was recognized and the project approved by our directors. As a result, I was named head of the project during my internship period and was able to carry it on to its release as a full-time employee.

Benefits of the App:

Easy to navigate:

Designed with a similar interface to Instagram for familiarity. We also took into consideration the available storage stage and data plans that the VIPs most commonly used and decided to develop a webapp.

Sense of community:

Before this app, the VIPs from different parts of the country had no contact with one another. Now, they could not only share their knowledge but also interact with one another and become a true community.

Learning and communicating:

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The new interface allowed us to produce teaching content in a more engaging way and communicate promotions and campaigns to our VIPs with greater efficiency. While e-mail reading rate was at about 10%, views on the app were around 1000 views per video. 

Feeling heard:

Our ultimate goal was to assure our VIPs that they were very important people (could not let that chance pass) to us. Creating this platform achieved that and more. Now our VIPs felt heard, seen and appreciated.

Within six months, we had over 95% of our professionals registered and actively using the app.

This app is a great example of how user understanding and multidisciplinary collaboration can yield simple yet impactful results.