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At Jet Oil, I collaborated with analysts across four franchises to develop Dr. Jet Oil: a web app facilitating knowledge sharing and communication among oil-changing professionals.


To create the app, we conducted user research and leveraged our insights to ensure a user-friendly design. Within six months, over 90% of Jet Oil professionals had registered on the app. I served as project head during my internship and continued leading the project after being hired full-time.


  • Over 90% of Jet Oil professionals had registered on the app

  • Dr. Jet Oil app rated 4.5 in the app store, versus the company’s app at 3.0 (in 2019)

  • Optimized delivery of information to the field (+6000 workers) by 95% via Dr. Jet Oil app

Role - Research, UX
Year - 2018

Client - Ipiranga Produtos de Petroleo

I worked closely with the VIPs to create this content library - a foundational piece of this application


Ipiranga is Brazil's largest privately owned oil and gas company with over 6500 gas stations across the country. As a Development Analyst at Jet Oil, Ipiranga's oil change franchise, I had the challenge of ensuring uniformity across thousands of units throughout Brazil, while also acknowledging the need to adapt to the particularities of the many regions and cultures in such a vast country.


Information was traditionally distributed from the top (HQ) down (oil-changers).
What happens if we invert that flow? 


Our solution was to create a social media-like platform that would invert the direction in which expertise was delivered, turning oil-changing professionals into generators of knowledge, sharing and celebrating their experience.

Benefits of the app included:


​Ease of Use - We designed an interface similar to Instagram for familiarity. We also took into consideration the available storage stage and data plans that the field professionals most commonly used and decided to develop a web app for quicker response times.


Learning and Communicating - The new interface allowed us to produce teaching content in a more engaging way and to communicate promotions and campaigns to field professionals with greater efficiency. While e-mail reading rate was at about 10%, views on the app were around 1000 views per video. 


Feeling Heard - Our ultimate goal was to assure our field professionals of their value to us. Creating this platform achieved that and more. Now they felt heard, seen and appreciated.


A major challenge for this project was getting buy-in from upper management. Making people that usually wear suits and ties change oil for the first time under the guidance of our VIPs was a key moment in this process. It was only through literally being in their shoes that the importance of this initiative was recognized and the project approved by our directors.

Now it was my turn to dive deep into the oil-changing world and absorb the wealth of knowledge from our VIPs.

Ultimately, I was able to synthesize this material into the content library illustrated below; a foundational piece for this application.


One major challenge at Ipiranga was effectively communicating with oil-changing professionals on the field. Many of them did not use email, and mobile number databases were never up to date. Communication was slow, starting through regional managers, who in turn would communicate to local managers and finally, to the oil-changing team. 


These oil-changing professionals, however, communicated very efficiently among themselves – many of them had already formed unofficial groups on WhatsApp to vent, seek support, and find community. Yet, these groups also posed risks, as Ipiranga HQ had no insight into what was shared and often found misinformation spreading like wildfire.

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