I wanted to bring light to dark places.

I started printing images of my illustrations in all sizes and plastering them to otherwise dismal concrete walls: our colorful petals invite life, contemplation, and joy. RegaRio grows like wild flowers.

RegaRio offers a time and place of rest, relaxation, and reflection in the chaos of the concrete jungles.

I’ve always loved drawing flowers – especially the hibiscus flower. Maybe it’s the movement in them, or the infinite color variation, or the unique shape that draws me in.

I love their femininity and strength. I love drawing their curves and the movement of their petals. Two flowers are never the same.


I set out to share my favorite and purest type of mediation; something that made me feel complete and relaxed. I started printing images of my illustrations in all sizes, from stickers to murals, and plastering them to otherwise dismal concrete walls: bringing light to dark places.

A silent, somewhat rebellious, form of contemplation of creativity

The response was truly amazing. Complete strangers would find me online or during what I call “watering sessions” (when I would install the murals or place smaller stickers around the city). They would ask for flowers so that they too could experience the combination of rush and relaxation, becoming gardeners and missionaries of color. Soon, I started finding my flowers in places I had not placed them and hearing about the movement from people I did not know.


Now RegaRio grows like wild flowers.

The RegaRio Declaration of Art:


We are the people of the cities. We work, we study, we struggle, we survive. We live life at 1000 miles per hour, struggling to savor every second, but despite all efforts, there never seems to be enough time to slow down. We live in the rush, anxiety, and stress. We seek out moments of relaxation and inspiration, the power to take a pause. This pause is called RegaRio.


The RegaRio movement seeks to water cities and inhabitants -- allowing them to blossom. It is an artistic intervention in the urban landscape that goes beyond just decorating walls. Our colorful petals cover previously lifeless landscapes and invite contemplation. An escape from the tumult: precious seconds when we are aware, awake and alive.  


Our mission is collective, unstoppable and anonymous. It is the first ripple of a wave, with the potential to grow like weeds. Allow yourself to be inspired and share this renewal with those around you by planting new seeds wherever you are.


You are now part of the movement.


                                                                                                            Welcome to RegaRio