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Projeto Mão Dada

2017 || Brazil

Projeto Mao Dada is an independent research project that aims to redefine and redesign prosthetic devices for children.

What started as a volunteering activity -- printing open-source files and collaborating with a local rehabilitation clinic that focuses on poor populations -- pivoted (and grew) into the Projeto Mao Dada under which, for 2 years, I lead the research and development of adjustable and affordable hand prosthetic that adequately fits a diverse array of shapes and sizes with minor modifications that the user can make themselves.

ROLE ||  Founder, Design Lead, Program Manager


  • Facilitating design brainstorms

  • Managing partnerships and team management

  • Fundraising and campaign management

  • Research 

  • Promoting a healthy, fruitful and collaborative work environment for all


OUTCOMES  ||  I believe that one of the greatest values in this experience was seeing in first hand the power of uncovering and  addressing an underlying need. We set out to make prosthetics that were function guided, but our greatest success was having our users themselves take on tools to add to their prosthetic and claim his place as leader in the design process. More than human-centered design, we were engaging in true co-creation and, when given a voice, these kids shine. 


Being witness to such a powerful psychological process and how impactful yet potentially simple our solution was motivates me to continue designing where resources lack and making these limitations fuel for our creativity.

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