ROLE ||  Design Lead



  • Facilitate brainstorming sessions and insight gathering

  • Lead in the design of the educational content

  • Ensure a cohesive development of both the digital and physical components of the project


OUTCOMES || By the end of this project, both the mobile (for children/ caregivers) and the desktop (for doctors) apps are up and running! They are being piloted in three clinics in Colombia with approx. 20 families. In December 2020, the clinics received the first batch of “The adventures of Sarah” an educational booklet that guides children and caregivers on how to use the app effectively in a fun and simple manner. This booklet is currently being distributed to all participants in the pilot program.

2020 || Colombia

Smile Train

Design Consultant role in the partnership between the Design for Extreme Affordability class at Stanford and Smile Train; a global NGO that partners with local hospitals and practitioners to offer surgical services and comprehensive cleft care for children in their own communities.

Our team, acting as a design consultancy for Smile Train Colombia, worked closely with Dr. Juan Pablo to bring to life an exciting pilot treatment for cleft palate pediatric patients. 


Expertise leveraged:

  • Design process leadership: the group had a lot of raw data, my role as the only designer in the group, was to give it meaning and direction. 

  • Use of remote research & prototyping tools: COVID.

In-depth Interviews
Diary Studies
Wizard of Oz Testing
A/B Testing
Working Hypothesis

Patients were not engaged with the treatment resulting in the poor pictures being sent in as well as the high drop-out rate. 

It seemed like patients were simply losing interest over time and becoming sloppy with the data provided to Drs and Nurses. 

Methods Employed

1. Clear Improvement in Picture Quality

Project Outcomes

From left to right: initial picture and submitted picture, taken (by users) using our redesigned flow.

2. Copies of the booklet Sarah and her Invisible Aligners are handed to every new patient during onboarding

Copies are available in English and in Spanish and are an important part of the new onboarding process for the pilot program. 

3. With Improved Communication between children, caretakers, and Drs., the trial was able to resume in Colombia and successfully expand to Mexico City!