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2021 || USA

I was hired by Novonate to design and develop a new product for their neonatal line. Given the current product development stage the details of this project are classified. If you want to learn more, please email me at

ROLE ||  Product Research and Development, Lead Researcher, Design Facilitator. Summer opportunity


  • Validate and further explore the opportunity space

  • Conduct needs assessment, market-product fit and competitive analysis

  • User needs definition: through expert interviews as well as ethnographic research

  • Prototyping: design and manufacturing of prototypes in different levels of fidelity. Leading prototype review sessions 

  • Insight gathering, design documentation and repeat.


OUTCOMES  ||  I decided to step away from lead researcher during my last year of school and I now contribute as a consultant to this project. Currently we have moved into final prototyping stages and engineering testing (exciting stuff!).

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