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I’m Olga,

a product designer, engineer,

and user-centered problem solver working to make design an accessible tool for change

Hey, Hi, Hello,

01. Projeto Mão Dada

     Case Studies

02. Smile Train

     Case Studies

04. Jalgoy

     Case Studies

Currently at
Stanford University

The belief in inclusive design has informed many of my projects -- which you can learn more and explore in the website -- and is what ultimately brought me to the Master's in Design Impact at Stanford University.

05. CAD

      Physical Design

03. Matte de Praia

     Physical Design 

02. Smile Train

      Case Studies

06. Red Cross Design

      Visual Design

... where the potential for innovation lies not solely on technology but on a deep understanding of people, their stories and their specific contexts.

The prospect of dedicating my post-Stanford life and career to these people and stories feels right and exciting. 


I look forward to continuing working towards bringing “human” back into “human-centered design” through smart, conscious and inclusive product design.

What I love the most about Design is that

There is something

inherently human in this

highly technical field

I believe that...

Good design is
Inclusive Design

From redesigning tea containers for street vendors in Rio's beaches to improving neonatal care units in Sub-Saharan Africa, my passion for user-centered problem-solving spans various interest areas, but it converges in my desire to use design as an inclusive tool for long-lasting, positive change.

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