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CAD and


I learnt how to CAD with similar goals to learning a language: I wanted to communicate better my designs, share ideas and collaborate in their development. 


Mechanical Magic

Research topics: experimental design in exploring the limits between the organic and the mechanical.

John Edmark is, in his own words, a mathematically inclined sculptor. His work draws from nature’s shapes and movements to create pieces that are mechanically precise and aesthetically beautiful. 


I was extremely excited to work with him in a new art installation that would combine movement and light. This is an ongoing project and our goal is to exhibit the final result at the first week of April. 


My initial efforts during this project were to create the CAD files parametrized and on Fusion 360 so that they could be easily modifiable and available on the cloud. Now, with the CADs done, we are moving into how to combine many of these moving parts into a single installation. 

More on John Edmark:

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CAD files designed on Fusion 360


The Biomechatronics Lab - Stanford

Research topics: experimental design in exploring the limits between the organic and the mechanical.

The Biomechatronics lab at Stanford designs wearable robots to improve people's speed, efficiency and balance, in particular for people with disabilities such as amputation or stoke. 


Despite our work on prosthetic design being on opposite sides of the technology spectrum -- while my work is primarily on low-tech devices for scalability, the lab’s research focus primarily on extremely tech-advanced devices designed for performance -- I felt that this was an opportunity for cross-pollination and potentially yield innovative developments for both sides. 


For the past months I have been contributing to the design and development of what we call, The Bot (a better name is coming soon) which, with one hour training -- that consists on a single hour of walking on a treadmill while receiving small tugs and pulls from the bot -- has the potential to reduce the incidence of recurring falls amongst the elderly subjects dropped from 60% to 15%. 


My participation included making the Bot’s structure robust yet simple enough to be released open source. With the design I created, we were able to increase the strength of the motors by 150% while reducing total printing time by 4 hours.

Original Bot.png

Original design: 5 separate parts that would break frequently. 

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CAD files designed on Fusion 360